10 Essential Camping Rules You Should Remember

essential camping rules
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Camping is a form of relaxation. To enjoy your camping, here are some essential camping rules you need to know including Standard Procedure, Be a Good Neighbor and Go Above and Beyond.

Follow Standard Procedure

  1. Clean your site: endeavor to make sure your site is clean. Don’t leave garbage or other items behind.
  2. Put your fire out: This is the most important rule. Properly put out your fire before going to bed, heading out for the day or when leaving the site.
  3. Take care of your pets: Take good care of your pets. Keep them clean and ensure they don’t mess up other people’s bathroom on the campsite.
  4. Don’t wash your dishes in the bathroom: This should be avoided. Dirty dishes should be washed in the sink.

Be a Good Neighbor

  1. Avoid other people’s campsites. Don’t be an intruder. Respect other people’s privacy.
  2. Respect quiet hours: No noise especially during quiet hours which is usually from 10 p.m to 6 a.m. Some people might be camping with their kids or need to get a good night rest, also be mindful of your early morning routine, endeavor not to disturb people.
  3. Use lowlights: The Try to turn off your headlights and use lowlights when driving in camp because the headlights of the car can disturb some people’s sleep. Use lanterns and flashlights instead.
  4. Keep your pet on a leash: make sure your pets are kept on a leash, because some people can’t handle pets wandering around the campsite, more so there are rules guiding this which varies from different campsites.

Go Above and Beyond

  1. Leave extra wood: With Always leave extra firewood at the campsite. This is one rule that benefits you and other people who would want to use your site.
  2. Put everything back: Make sure the campsite is in order before leaving. Fill up any holes or trenches you dug before leaving. Picnic tables and other items should be kept properly before leaving.

Some of these essential camping rules are standard rules while others are simply from experience. Be sure you follow these and you can find more tips on our FB here.


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