10 Tips Making your Camping Mattress Last Longer

camping mattress last longer
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Proper maintenance will make your camping mattresses last longer. An average camping mattress if properly taken care of is designed or has a lifespan of about six to nine years or even more. Good knowledge of ways to take adequate care for your camping mattress and environmental factors can make your camping mattress last longer.

Below are ten proper ways to make your camping mattress last longer.

1. Ensure your camping mattress is adequately supported.

Ensure your camping mattress has the right kind of foundation or box spring because this helps to eliminate early destruction. Spring camping mattresses make use of box spring while the foam and other special camping mattresses require firm support. Endeavor to check the manufacturer’s guide.

For beds that make use of frames, the frames should be adequately designed to entertain the users’ weight. Also depending on the type and size of the camping mattress, scaffold beds that consist of slats may require additional support. Always check your bed support every year to ensure there are no damaged slats that could e detrimental to your camping mattress.

2. Use a camping mattress guard

Camping mattress guards are one of the most efficient ways to protect your beds. A good camping mattress protector protects the camping mattress against spills, dust, and dirt. It prevents keeps your camping mattress from being damaged, keeps the skin oily, keeps liquid substances away from the camping mattress, prevents or reduces the buildup of dust mites and mold. They are easier to clean and some feel just as cozy as bed sheets.

3. Wash bed fabrics from time to time.

Make sure you wash your bed sheets regularly. Sweat, oil, hair, pets, and having meals in bed can bring in various types of bacteria and dust mites into layers of the camping mattress. Even with the camping mattress protector ensure all your beddings are washed every one-two weeks. The camping mattress guard should be washed every now and then.

4. Get separate beds for pets

 Your pets should have their own beds. Do not let them into your bed. This is because they sometimes play outside, drool, shed cells and hair and can be accident victims.

5. Circumvolve the camping mattress regularly.

Camping mattresses should be rotated regularly despite its size and the material it’s made of. Try to rotate your camping mattresses every three to four months at an angle of 180 degrees especially during the first couple of years.

6. Do not jump into your camping mattress 

This causes your spring, air beds, and water beds to get damaged wearing off the foundations and frames more quickly.

7. Take adequate care when bending your camping mattress.

Whenever you want to bend or move your camping mattresses put them in plastic and do not fold or bend them to prevent them from being damaged. Also when moving your camping mattresses, keep them upright on their sides, so that they don’t sag in transit. If your covers have handled, do not move or drag them instead lift them.

8. Avoid bringing unwanted bugs home

Try your best to avoid bedbugs. They could ruin your camping mattress and they are very difficult to eliminate. If you aren’t spending the night at home, always watch out for bedbugs.

9. Sun your camping mattress occasionally.

Strip the camping mattress bare occasionally and put them out to sundry and air them. It dries up the moisture and humidity from your body and keeps dust mite and population in check.

10. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions

Endeavor to abide by the manufacturer’s instructions such as:

  • Camping mattresses should be sponged using a hose attachment to eliminate dust. Some manufacturers might include directions for stain removal and general cleaning.
  • Avoid using strong chemicals on stains as this can break the foam. Mild water and soap solution could be used and the camping mattress should be properly dried.
  • Vacuuming and stains should be removed every 1 to 4 months.

It is essential to always keep the bed in good condition, and protected from accidents as this makes it last longer. The lifespan of a camping mattress is dependent on lots of factors; however, the above procedures would ensure your camping mattresses last long.

Above rea tips on how to make your camping mattress last longer. You can find find more camping tips on our Fan page here.


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