8 Essential Steps on How to Set up a Tent

Set up a tent
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Setting and structuring a tent can be pretty tasking, tedious, and challenging for a camper, especially the first-timers. Tents are some of the essential camping tools campers just can’t do without, but most often these campers tend to get frustrated trying to set up a tent. Nevertheless, once you are able to correctly set up a particular type of tent over and over again for a couple of times, it becomes quite easy to set up any other types of tent.

1. Practice on How to set up a tent before going camping

When you practice how to set up a tent before going camping, you familiarize yourself with the various techniques needed to set up a tent. This is an outstanding idea, as it enables you to get acquainted with how to set up the different kinds of tents, enables you to set up a tent faster and efficiently notwithstanding the situation you may find yourself in.

2. Locate a flat area that is free of Spiky objects

Look for an area that is flat and take adequate time to ensure it’s free of rocks, sticks, and other kinds of debris that could damage your tent or make it difficult to lie on.

3. Sort the tent in parts

Take your time to arrange the various parts of the tent in groups as this will make it pretty easy for you to set up a tent once you get to the camping ground.

4. Spread out the tent

Ensure your camping tent is pointing towards your desired direction and then spread it out. If you want the sun to rise above your tent, point it to the east.

5. Secure the corners

While setting up your tent, after spreading out your tent in your desired direction, proceed to secure the edges. Make sure you pull and tighten the edges correctly. If your tent consists of a ground cloth, set it down first before proceeding. A good number of big tents include ground clothes though some camping tents do not. Securing the corners of your tents is of immense importance as most tents will not stand if their corners are not adequately secured.

6. Link up your tent poles

While setting up your tent, always remember to link up your tent poles. Most times, these tent poles are produced in various categories that would require you to connect together. Read the manufacturers pamphlet to have an idea on how to connect these poles.

7. Convene the tent’s frame

Camping tents come in quite a variety of designs. Some are designed with lots of poles to support each corner; some are free-standing; while a couple of others are designed with two simple poles. Irrespective of how your tent has been designed, putting up its frame will require drifting its poles through its outer sleeves, after which the tent is attached to the poles with the use of clips.

8. Secure the tent’s rain fly

 It’s important to note that a good number of camping tents aren’t made of waterproof materials. The few waterproof camping tents are made of waterproof materials. However, a good number of camping tents are packaged with a waterproof cover known as rain fly that is usually secured over the tent’s top to protect it from rainfall.  While setting up a tent, ensure its rain-fly is secured over the top of the tent by fastening its corners to the cords attached to the lower end of the tent.

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