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Our Camping Story | Adventure

I have always loved the outdoors while growing up. I remember sitting glued to the television watching thrilling shows about brave adventurers and how they ventured into the wild seeking a new encounter with each passing day. This is the life I wanted and when I finally got the opportunity to live this life; there was hardly anything anyone could say to change my mind.

Now I had the chance to physically experience the amazing scenes I had been watching on the TV. I longed to travel to new countries, visit the most engaging tourist attractions and to interact with new cultures. It was a new chapter in my life and looking back now; I am very happy I made this decision. So my life as an adventurer has been remarkable, I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea how much fun it was going to be, it is the life to live.

The life outdoors

Many statistics have shown that people tend to spend most of their days indoors; the situation is not getting better with the introduction of remote jobs where you can work from home. We need to get out more often. It is healthy and rejuvenating. I formed a team with others who loved the idea of camping outdoors and we set out to make our first attempt at camping outdoors was a disaster. We were so anxious to have this experience that we overlooked some necessary plans to make it a good experience. We faced challenges such as leaking tents, sloppy terrain, harsh weather conditions, we couldn’t figure out how to ration my food well, and the night sounds were like I had never heard before. Despite the mistakes, we had done it, and we were ready for the next experience.

Learning the tricks

To cut a long story short, my camping team and I eventually got it right. We knew the right camping gear to pack and how to choose the best camping sites. We have been organizing successful camping trips for a long time, and with every experience, there is always a thrilling story to tell. So I will be posting regular articles of our on-going camping experience and for those readers out there who have been thinking about camping out in the outdoors you will learn essential camping tips such as knowing the right gear to pack, planning a camping trip, choosing a good tent, the best camping stove and portable power generators, how to choose lightweight sleeping pads and some essential camping accessories that must make your camping list.

So much to experience

The thrill of camping is that you never know what to expect until you are at the location. We read informative materials before we set out to different camping locations, but the real experience we end up having is so much better than what was described in the camping books we had read about the place. It is a world of adventure, independence, and exploration, and it is better experienced.

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