How to Choose the Best Camping Sleeping Pad?

camping sleeping pad
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As camping and backpacking have become extremely famous and a lot of people have started to like doing outdoor activities with their loved ones such as camping. Therefore, the need of camping sleeping pad has also tremendously increased. No matter which outdoor activity you have chosen, you will need a camping sleeping pad for sure. Everyone loves a good night’s sleep in order to refresh them and recharge them to do all the fun and adventurous activities the next day.

Camping sleeping pads not only provide comfort but also protect people from cold during chilly nights. You definitely don’t want to get sick during your holiday trip, right? Many people decide against going for camping because they don’t want to spend the night in pain. These are the people who don’t know about sleeping pads and are missing out so much fun which a person gets to have on camping trips. Therefore, if you get the chance to go on a camping trip then don’t forget to buy sleeping pads. Now you will not only have a great time during day but, you will also get to enjoy your nights also sleeping on a comfortable camping sleeping pad.

camping sleeping pad
Camping sleeping pad not only provides comfort but also protect people from cold during chilly nights.

Things to consider before buying a sleeping pad

When buying a camping sleeping pad there are a few things you have to consider before finally choosing the best sleeping pads. Here is a list of those things will help you to choose the right sleeping pad for you.

  1. Get to know about the three types of sleeping pads and their various features. What are they good for and what are their drawbacks, you should know all about that.
  2. Make sure that the sleeping pad you are choosing is the best fit for the outdoor activity you are going to.
  3. Check that the sleeping pad you are choosing has the features which are most important to you.

Different types of sleeping pads

Before buying a sleeping pad you should first familiarize yourself with the different types of camping sleeping pad. So you can choose the best sleeping pads for yourself and your loved ones. There are three types of sleeping pads which you can easily find in the stores.

  1. Air pads
  2. Self-inflating pads
  3. Closed-cell foam pads

Each of these sleeping pads has different features and can be used in various situations. In order to help you choose the best sleeping pad let us now discuss the pros and cons of the above different types of camping sleeping pad.

Air Pads 

Air pads are light in weight which makes them a great choice for backpacking. Many air pads consist of the reflective material which helps to provide warmth. In order to use the air pads, you will have to inflate them using your breath only for a few minutes till they are completely filled up and in shape.

The best thing about air pads is that they are lightweight makes it easy to carry them and are very comfortable to sleep in. You can use the air pads during the four seasons as they are designed with additional insulation. However, there are a few drawbacks of air pads. Air pads are a bit expensive to buy and may easily get punctured.

camping sleeping pad
Air Pads

Self-inflating pads 

Self-inflating pads are made up of air and open-cell foam insulation. These sleeping pads can be folded and are specially designed for backpacking. You can easily fold them up and roll them inside your backpack. There are some self-inflating pads which are designed to be carried in cars, they can be rolled up without having to fold them. The best thing about these sleeping pads is that they are the least expensive among all. The reasons why you should buy a self-inflating pad is that they are really comfortable and compact and you can also adjust their firmness. However, they are heavy to carry around and can be easily punctured.

camping sleeping pad
Self-inflating pads

Closed cell foam pads

The closed cell foam pads are made of dense foam filled with small closed air cells and can be rolled up in a Z structure. These sleeping pads are light in weight and can be easily carried around. They are cheap in price and durable so you don’t have to worry about them getting punctured. You can also use these sleeping pads as sit pads by doubling them. However, these sleeping pads are really stiff which makes them less comfortable.

camping sleeping pad
Closed cell foam pads.

Choosing the best sleeping pads for the required situation

 Now we will help you in knowing that which sleeping pad is the best choice for certain outdoor trips.

  • Car camping: Self-inflating pads are a good choice for car camping as they are less expensive and lightweight. You can also take air mattresses on car camping if you don’t require a sleeping bag but, these are very heavy to carry and not the best fit for car camping.
Self-inflating pads are a good choice for car camping.
  • Backpacking: Self-inflating or air pads are the best fit when backpacking as they are thick, comfortable, durable and can also be used as a comfortable seat.
camping sleeping pad
Self-inflating or air pads are the best fit when backpacking.
  • Minimalist backpacking: You can take an insulated full-length air pad for this outdoor activity as they are really small in size and weigh less which makes it easy to carry them around.
  • Thru-hiking: Foam pads can be bought for thru-hiking as they are low weight and durable to save them from getting punctured. You can carry them around with you due to their lightweight.
camping sleeping pad
Foam pads can be bought for thru-hiking.
  • Winter camping: During winter camping you will need a sleeping pad with more insulation. It will give you a warm environment. An insulated air pad or self-inflating pad on top of a closed-cell foam pad is recommended.
camping sleeping pad
The sleeping pad which has more insulation and gives you a warm environment.

Various features to look for in a sleeping pad before buying one 

Now there are some features which you should look for in a sleeping pad before buying it. So you don’t regret spending your money and also get to have a comfortable night during the trip.

  1. When it comes to a good night’s sleep, insulation is very important. Laying down on the ground will make you lose your body heat even in summers which will lead to an uncomfortable night and may also cause you a fever during winters. Therefore, it is very important that sleeping pads may have a layer of synthetic insulation inside them. There are many air pads and self-inflating pads having this feature in them.
  2. The next important feature of a sleeping pad is its weight. There are many ultralight sleeping pads but they are very expensive also. You can simply select a short length closed-cell foam pad helping you in carrying them around easily.
  3. The length of a sleeping pad is also very important. Your whole body should fit on the sleeping pad so you can have a comfortable and good night’s sleep.
  4. The next very important feature of a sleeping pad is its construction. The sleeping pad should be constructed in such a way that it allows you to sleep comfortably and not roll off and fall when you turn during your sleep. There are some sleeping pads having rails. That helps a person to not roll off the sleeping pad in their sleep.
  5. You should definitely buy a sleeping with a textured surface so you won’t slide off during your sleep.

Which sleeping pads are the best? 

Some sleeping pads are the best to buy because of their additional features which are not available in regular sleeping pads. This feature makes them different and better from the rest of the sleeping pads. Some sleeping bags integrated sleeve where you can easily attach your sleeping pad so that you may not slide off during your sleep. Some sleeping pads coming with a hand pump so you can easily add air in them without having to blow air in them yourself. Save yourself the breath! We all know that sleeping pads can easily get punctured and that’s why the best sleeping pads come with a patch kit so you can easily patch up the punctures and leaks in them.

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