Essential Tips on How to Fix a Leak in a Mattress

fix a leak in a mattress
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Imagine waking up on a pumped up mat and realizing that you are actually some few distances away from the ground compared to when you slept off. That means you’ve got a leak somewhere, a hole needs to be identified and fixed. Here are tips on how to fix a leak in a mattress.

Steps to find a leak

Firstly, you would need to track down the hole before you can proceed with other techniques. The steps below would serve as a guide on how to mend a rupture in your mattress.

Step 1:

Pumping in air into the mattress, to raise or expand it abnormally.

Step 2:

Put some water in a bowl and add liquid soap, then slightly wet the sides of the mat with the solution or you could spray the solution at the marginal angle of the mattress where you think the rupture might be. Ensure the water isn’t bubbly before applying it to the mattress.

Step 3:

After spraying the solution, start rolling up your mattress gently from one side. Then carefully look out for bubbles getting bigger. In case you don’t see any bubble, move to the other side of the mat gently roll it up. If you still can’t locate the hole, turn the mattress over and wet it just as you had done in Step 2. Then repeat Step 3. If you still can’t find the hole, put the pumped up mat inside water with the valve facing upwards, and look for tiny bubbles escaping.

Step 4:

Once you identify the whole, try to identify the spot, it might be a little difficult, but it’s actually very necessary you do that. Wash off the soapy water and allow the mattress to dry before patching.

Steps to repair a hole

After identifying the hole, the next step is to fix the rupture.

Step 1:

Study the manufacturer’s guide on your mat.

Step 2:

Select your fixing method.

  • Most sleeping mat manufacturer’s also made repair kits. You could actually get one of these. They contain liquid adhesive patches. The patch must not be the same quality as your mattress.
  • You could apply a seam grip across the hole.
  • Make use of Tenacious tape to seal the hole.

The 3 methods could be combined depending on the diameter of the hole.

Step 3:

Wipe the affected area with alcohol to ensure it is very clean. This step is actually optional.

You can apply any of the following methods you prefer:

  • Seam grip: Administer this over and around the hole and dry overnight.
  • You could also add few drops of water to the seam grip and administer it on the hole.
  • If you want to use a self-sticky patch, ensure it is bigger than the hole. Put the patch across the hole, pressing it down on the mat to make sure it fastens properly. Allow drying.
  • If you are making use of a patch and an adhesive, make sure the patch is larger than the hole. Rub the adhesive on the hole as well as around the hole.
  • If you are making use of tenacious tape, it means you can use your mat immediately; you don’t have to wait for it to dry. But its best you apply seam grip and put the tape on the seam grip, ensuring the tape covers the grip.  Ensure your repair dries completely before making use of the mattress.

Above rea tips on how to fix a leak in a mattress. You can find more camping tips on our Fan page here.


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