Tips on How to Care for Your Camp Mattress

Camp Mattress
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Do you wish to know how to take proper care of your camp mattress to enable it to stand the taste of time? Are you wondering why the self-inflating mattress you bought and stored away no longer inflates? Well, here are a few essential tips that will help take care of your camp mattress.

1. Inspect the Setup Area

Examine the area you intend setting up your camp mattress. Remove all unwanted materials that could be harmful to the mattress such as rocks, stones, sharp objects and lots more. This is one of the essential ways to take care of your camping mattress.

2. Go with A Mattress Patch Kit

Endeavor to carry a mattress patch kit just-in-case of unforeseen circumstances. A mattress patch kit is usually sold along with the mattress. This gives your mattress an extra protective layer thereby taking care of your camping mattress.

3. Ensure your mattress is dry before storing

Storing a wet or sweaty mattress in its bag would entertain the growth of mold and bacteria which is pretty much hazardous to our health. Therefore, always ensure your mattress is properly dried before rolling it up and putting it into its bag.

4. Unroll the Camp Mattress Before Storing At home

Once your return home, gently remove the mattress from its bag, unroll it and allow it to self-inflate before storing it. This will ensure your camping mattress is in perfect working condition thereby taking proper care of your camping mattress.

5. Clean With Clean Damp Cloth

If your mattress is dirty, gently clean with a clean damp cloth and allows it to dry before storing it properly.

6. Store in a cool, dark and dry place

After removing your mattress from its bed cover, and allowing it to inflate, store it in a cool, dark, and dry place free from sharp harmful substances. A good number of perfect places to store your camping mattress are:

  • Flat under a bed, or shelf
  • Store behind a couch or closed door with its side
  • Hang it
7. Keep the air valve open when storing it

When storing the mattress, keep the air valves open, this will gradually dry out any unwanted particle or moisture inside it. It also allows the mattress to expand and contract.

 8. Self Inflating Mattress Fails To Inflate

You realize that your self-inflating mattress fails to inflate on its own, blow a few puffs of air into it with your mouth. This is because; self-inflated mattresses aren’t designed to be inflated with compressed air or any other sort of inflator.  As long as you are able to properly take care of your camp mattress, it will last long with you using it for lots of camping activities.

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