Tips on How to Store and Clean a Sleeping Bag

Store and clean a sleeping bag
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Endeavor to always take adequate care of your sleeping bag with the proper handling, storage, and cleaning techniques. Store and clean a sleeping bag to get the most out of it in whenever the need arises. The tips below will assist you tremendously in achieving this task.


The following steps should be taken while storing your sleeping bag

  • Ensure you air-dry your bag after each trip for at least 24 hours.
  • Secondly, avoid storing it in a tiny sack as the more you compress the insulation, the attic it loses. You can actually store it in a stuff sack, but immediately you get home, give it a good shake and then store in a cool, dry place. You can as well spread it under your bed, breathable storage bag, or hang it in your closet.

Washing your sleeping bag is one of the essential techniques required in order to store and clean a sleeping bag properly. Always wash our sleeping bag once it gets dirty and stinky. However, avoid washing regularly and the use of machines as the harsh chemicals are pretty harmful to the bag.

  • Make use of your local laundry services.
  • Before washing, unzip the bag and bring the slider halfway up towards the zipper. This will prevent the slider from coming off during washing.
  • Endeavor to make use of warm water and about ¼ cup of a mild powdered detergent.

When a bag is wet and heavy, the materials and stitches are prone to tearing, therefore, gently lift the bag onto a rolling cart, while being in total control of the bag the entire time.  Toss in some 6-12 tennis balls into your bag if you are dealing with a down bag. This will help fluff it up. Set the dial to its lowest setting and allow for about 2-5 hours. Check the bag from time to time to ensure the fabric is in proper condition.

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