Tips on How to Wash a Down Sleeping Bag

down sleeping bag
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Looking for the appropriate way to wash a down sleeping bag? We all are aware of how fragile a wet bag can be despite being heavy. Well, when it comes to washing a down sleeping bag, here are few instructions that will assist you to wash a down sleeping bag without tearing or destroying it.

How To wash a Sleeping Bag
  • Close zippers and velcros before proceeding.
  • Fill up your bath top with about 150mm of water (about room temperature). Add pure mild detergent of soup.
  • Lay down your bag in the washing tub and move the water inside the sleeping bag adding pressure with your hand till the down sleeping bag is adequately saturated. Avoid lifting the bag out of the tub once filled with water as this may destroy the bag.
  • After filling it up with water, leave it soaked for about 4 hours.
  • Remove the water from the bag and add some fresh water. Repeat this procedure till there are no suds seen inside the water.
  • Once visible, press out all the water from the bag.
  • Gently bend the corners of the bag inwards and press until all the water has been expelled from it.
  • After expelling all the water from the bag, dry it over a flat surface away from direct sunlight. This is because enormous exposure to sunlight will damage the fabric.
Caring For Your Down Sleeping Bag
  • Almost all sleeping bags are made with exceptional materials. To maintain that high quality looks it is advisable to always stock your down sleeping bags in large cotton-like sacks. However, you should make use of the smaller sacks while going camping. Avoid rolling or folding your down sleeping bag, its better you force it into your stockpile. For e-proof bags, turn out the inner part of the down sleeping bag before forcing it into the sack.
  • While going camping, layout your down sleeping bag immediately you get to your designated camp as this will allow it loft properly. While at the camp, endeavor to keep your sleeping bag dry. This is because when the sleeping bag is wet, it will attract moisture thereby lowering the padding capacity. Wash down your down sleeping bag before and after each camping adventure and always endeavor to properly dry it before storing it.
  • Avoid the use of solvents as they could cause great damage to the sleeping bag.

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