Tips on How to Wash a Foam Mattress Pad

wash a foam mattress pad
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A mattress pad is used daily by most students in the dormitories, therefore, it requires cleaning. To clean a mattress pad could be a little tedious and tasking. These simple techniques will assist you on how to easily wash a foam mattress pad.

How to Erase Sports of Dirt from a Foam Mattress Pad

In order to keep a mattress pad in good shape, always remove stains immediately you spot any, this will make a detailed cleaning less tasking.

  • To clean liquid spills, use a spoon or a blunt knife to scrape off any solid from the mattress, after which you make use of some paper towels to absorb moisture. If the spill is enormous, remove the mattress pad from the mattress so that the mattress doesn’t get soaked. Place the pad on a floor and clean.
  • After removing the moisture, wet the stain with water and sprinkle laundry borax on it. Using a clean cloth apply the borax into the stain from the outer edge to the center until it has absorbed enough. Leave it for about 15 minutes. After which you remove the leftover using a handheld vacuum or the brush.
  • To wipe off blood stains, wet a sponge or even a clean cloth with little percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Wipe off the mattress pad from the sides close to the center to prevent it from spreading. The hydrogen peroxide causes the mattress pad to change color but it will definitely eliminate the blood stain.
  • To remove pungent smells from urine, vomit, or cigarettes you clean the region, then you smear the whole surface with baking soda, and allow for about a day and then use your vacuum cleaner.
  • You could also use a mercantile odor extraction spray to reinvigorate a foam pad.
  • Make sure you allow the pad to dry for at least a day after applying any stain removal process, before placing it back on the mattress. If the stain removal is extensive, then you would have to dry for a longer period of time.
How to Effectively Wash a Foam Mattress Pad

You start by using a vacuum cleaner on the pad. After which you use the vacuum’s brush tool, working it in a revolving motion. This is to extricate dust and mites likely to have accumulated on the surface.

You can decide to wash the topper in a bathtub or in a plastic wrap outside depending on the size of the topper. Treat the stains specifically using the following techniques:

  • Fill a fraction of a spray container with liquid detergent and the other two parts with water. Mix the solution and spray it on the surface of the mat pad and leave it for about 45 minutes.
  • Add bleach to the purification solution to assist in lighting tough stains.
  • After some 40 minutes, use a hose or handheld shower to rinse off the surface. Do not permeate the foam rather squash out surplus water.
  • The pad should be allowed to dry for a couple of days. Use an electric fan to dry it. This will aid in circulating air and speed up the drying process.
  • Make sure you turn the pad severally. Be certain the pad is properly dried before making use of it.
How to Having A long Lasting Foam Mattress Pad
  1. Spin and rotate the pad every six months in order to ensure it is evenly used.
  2. Endeavor to change the bedspreads and mattress cover severally to thwart the growth of moisture on the pad.

Try to vacuum clean the mattress pad regularly to eliminate dust mites.

Above rea tips on how to wash a foam mattress pad. You can find more camping tips on our Fan page here.


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