Wash a Synthetic Sleeping Bag-Essential Tips

synthetic sleeping bag
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Most synthetic sleeping bags last long and are pretty easy to take care of. You can lower the rate at which you wash your synthetic sleeping bag by cleaning its outer layer with a damp cloth and by spreading a sleeping mat over it. You can also wash a sleeping bag, but, however, avoid ironing, bleaching, or drying it. When you dry clean a synthetic sleeping bag, it emits some hazardous fluids and can also cause it to deteriorate and wear off easily.

How To machine wash your synthetic sleeping bag

Before you wash a synthetic sleeping bag with a machine, make sure all zippers and Velcros are properly secured. Secondly, make use of a heavy front loader on a lenient cycle. With the warm machine set to 30°C, add a nonirritating soap or detergent.

How To Hand-wash your Synthetic Sleeping Bag
  • Start by filling up your bath top with about 150mm of water. Add some detergent or mild soap to it.
  • Soak your bag in the bath and massage evenly. Massage till the water flows into all directions of the synthetic bag by adding pleasure with your hands. When your bag is thoroughly saturated with enough water, do not try lifting it out as this will break the bag.
  • Soak for about 4 hours to ensure all the dirt are thoroughly removed.
  • Remove the water from the bag and add some fresh water. Repeat this procedure till there are no suds seen inside the water.
  • Once visible, press out all the water from the bag.
  • Gently bend the edges of the bag inwards and press until all the water has been expelled from it.
How to Dry Your Synthetic Sleeping Bag

After expelling all the water from the sleeping bag, tumble-dry the bag over a flat surface out of direct sunlight. This is because excessive exposure to sunlight will damage the fabric. If you wish to air try it, spread it out on towels and over two clean clothes.

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