4 Tips on How to Repair Camping Tent

repair camping tent
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More we watch the tent, the more we are careful in the folding and storage, and the more we regularly maintain and more tent is lucky to live a long time. Here are some tips on how to repair camping tent.

1- How to repair camping tent when you break a hoop?

If you have broken a hoop of your tent, rest assured, you are not the first, and you will not be last! Thanks to the progress of the manufacturers and the materials used, it has now become rare to break an arch. Generally, breakage defects are more of a lack of attention or high winds.

As a precaution, always think of guying up your hoops with all the cords around the tent. This relieves a lot of wind pressure on the arches. If this happens to you anyway, here are 3 tips to fix your tent with a simply broken hoop:

  • Use the repair kit provided: more and more tents are supplied with a tube to temporarily repair your broken hoop. Slide the repair tube to the area. Then fix it with duct tape, tape or climbing strap type beal.
  • Repair with ultra-resistant adhesive: if your tent does not have a repair tube, or you have already used it, you can do a rescue repair with a strong Duct Tape adhesive, wrapping around the area to be repaired.
  • Repair with thin rope: fisherman’s tip, it is quite possible to repair a bow with thin rope (diameter 1 or 2mm).
repair camping tent
Camping tent repaired when you break a hoop.

2- How to take care of the arches of a tent?

When bending the hoops, do not allow the segments to bend by shaking them. This could damage the bits and the anodizing. Check your frame regularly. There must be no microcracks. If you notice any corrosion, wash the poles and coat them with silicone spray. Over time, the arches curl slightly, making them less vulnerable to breakage. Do not try to straighten them.

You can also tighten the elastic cord of the hoops, if necessary. To do this, simply remove the tip, undo the node, then redo it in the desired position.

repair camping tent
Taking care of the arches of a tent

3-How to repair your camping tent with a hole in the canvas?

Sometimes it can be very easy to make a hole or tear in the canvas of your tent, be it the outer canvas, or the inner canvas. Your tent can be covered with gel provided by the producers.

repair camping tent
Slam the roof of your tent still covered with gel.

4-How to re-waterproof seams of tents?

With the tension caused by the hoops, and with the time, it is possible that micro-drops can be formed at the seams of your tent. Fortunately, there are practical lotions to seal these seams. McNett’s SeamGrip: for nylon tent covers, polyester ripstop, etc. , this little tube, provided with the brush will do wonders.

repair camping tent
There are practical lotions to seal these seams.

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