Remember to Check your Tent before Camping

checking your tent before camping
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Have you ever imagine getting to your campground, only to realize how dirty, ripped up, and shredded your tent is? Checking your tent before you camp is an essential camping feature that most campers tend to neglect. A good number of campers store away their camping tents once they’re back from camp and don’t bother checking up on it or even washing it until their next camping date. This isn’t ideal at all. Checking your tent before camping will save you from such misfortune.

Here are three significant factors to consider when checking your tent before camping:

1. Ensure you got everything you need. Avoid the unimaginable!

Take your time to ensure everything you need to set up your tent is properly packed in your backpack before leaving your house. A couple of times, campers get to their campground only to discover that they had forgotten to come along with a pump for their inflatable tent, a set of pegs, mallet etc. Let’s face it; you wouldn’t want to spend hours driving and walking to a campsite only to realize you mistakenly dropped your pegs while backing your camp gears.

2. Get acquainted with your tent

Set up your tent in some open space such as a garden or field following the manufacturers outlined instructions. Get your kids to lend you a helping hand so that they can know what they are expected to do when they get to the campground. Setting up your tent beforehand will get you acquainted with your tent and will give you an opportunity to check your tent for any dirt or damage.

When you arrive at your proposed campground, avoid setting up your tent in some breezy island wind could have some pretty bad impact on it.

3. Check to ensure your tent isn’t leaking

Pitch your tent; spread it out over its hosepipe giving the seams a good percolate. Despite the fact that this may take a little time, it’s entirely worth it because you will have the opportunity to prevent any leakages. In checking your tent before going to camp, you might be able to locate a missed seam that needs taping or even an area that was mistakenly skipped by the manufacturer which needs sealing, for instance, a Velcro tab. To rectify your missed seam, you can make use of Winfield’s seam sealant tube. If you have a brand new polycotton tent, there is every possibility that the material and steams will need to be weathered. Weathering is a process of wetting and drying the tent to enable the cotton thread to expand to where the needle has pierced through the polycotton fabric thereby creating stitching.

After checking your tent before you camp, you may find some few things that need to be fixed, fix them before leaving to have an outstanding camping experience.

Above are three significant factors to consider when checking your tent before camping. For more inquiries or assistance with checking your tent before you camp, kindly contact us at We will be glad to help you.

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