Tips on How to Make Campfire Potato Cakes

make campfire potato cakes
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Potatoes are some of the decent meals to make while camping. To make campfire potato cakes are very easy. Potatoes could be served as breakfast or as an accompanying dish. This recipe introduces you to the world of boiling and frying potato cakes using the glowing pieces of coals or wood of the campfire.


The ingredients used to make campfire potato cakes are listed below:

  • Potatoes
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Vegetable oil
  • Water
  • Seasonings


 Here’s a detailed list of the various equipment used to make campfire potato cakes:

  • A fire pit is needed. You might have a fire pit at your campsite, if you don’t have, try to build one.
  • You need a Dutch oven or any cookware that could be hung freely on a tripod stand in which to boil your potatoes in. During our time, we made use of an easy camp enamel pot and the large robens campfire pot that hung freely on the robens tripod had some stew in it. This could be seen in the video below. You could use whichever one you prefer.
  • You would need a bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with holes in it. This will be used to drain and mash the potatoes.
  • You would also need a frying pan either a long-handled frying pan or an enamel frying pan or a Dutch oven lid for frying. Whichever one you prefer is ideal.


Step 1: Pill, slice and cook the potatoes

The first step in making your campfire potato cakes is to peel the potatoes, after which you slice and cook them. Ensure the lid of the pot is adequately secured and keep your kids away from the cooking pot.

Step 2:  Smash the potatoes together with some flour and eggs

Make sure the potatoes for making the campfire potato cakes are adequately boiled, and drained, after which you mash the potatoes and allow it to cool. Once the mashed potato is cold, add your eggs, and seasonings like salt, paprika, nutmeg, etc. Sprinkle some flour, turn and mold the mixture into burger shapes.

Step 3: Fry the potatoes

The next step is to fry the mixture. You could do this using your frying pan or Dutch oven lid.


You could also make your own recipe by adding some chopped spring onions, cheese and other ingredients to your recipe.

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