Ultralight weight tent: NEMO Hornet 1 Person Review

ultralight weight tent
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It’s not an easy task to find a camping spot in the middle of the city or even in your backyard where you could lay down and go for a little stargazing to ease away that mid-week stress! So when you are on the lookout for an ultralight weight tent with enough space and good ventilation, NEMO Hornet 1 Person Tent might just be the perfect tent for you! It’s so light and so good that it will surely make you want to take more solo trips!

There are always unique ways to spend the night alone with no tv, no video games, no phones, just you and the perfectly starred summer sky. Go camping and don’t forget to bring with you this extra light, extra durable one-person tent that redefines home away from home.

Save a significant amount of weight when carrying this tent because it is not just an ultralight weight tent, it is also ultra-spacious and ultra-comfy!

1. SPECIFICATIONS of Ultralight weight tent: NEMO Hornet 1P

  • Weights as light as 2 lbs. / 900 g
  • Spacious, one-person ultralight weight tent comes with (4) stakes, (1) big and (1) small hanging pockets for lighting
  • Spacious floor area (21 square feet)
  • Ample headspace (38 inches vertical height)
  • Simple structure
  • Easy setup
  • Designed for one-person backpacking
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Reasonably-sized door for visibility and ventilation
  • With rain fly attached, get seven square feet vestibule space
  • Neat design

ultralight weight tent


2. THE INTERIOR Ultralight weight tent: NEMO Hornet 1P

  • The ultra-lightweight backpacking tent has a spacious floor area to maximize interior space for you and your 50-liter backpack, shoes, and lighting (could be a battery lantern to provide ample lighting at night).
  • It also comes with a zippered door for an easy entrance and exit. This means you are free to enter and exit the tent without too much bending and or even crawling just to get yourself in.
  • Its well-ventilated feature helps camper stay comfortable.
  • Waterproof tent material ensures the quality of sleep even during an unexpected rain!
  • Ultra-sturdy frame with hub connections an pin ring system for easy set-up
  • One-person sleep capacity
  • Tough and dry floor material to ensure


NEMO Hornet 1 Person Tent has a light and bright color purposely designed for reasonable lighting to pass through during the day. It reflects light plus it decreases humidity.

The back wall of the tent is designed with no windows, so basically it is a safe area to store a single backpack or thermo chest where you could store all other things that are not supposed to be scattered around.

The tent’s sides are almost perpendicular to the surface or the ground so the camper is less likely to brush against it during sleep by accident, and avoid breaking the moisture barrier. It is important that condensation does not get inside the tent to prevent moisture.

The top edge of the tent stays in place because of its support tubing placed lengthwise across the tent. The top edge does not sag inwards. This support is sturdy enough to hang a lantern or string a small line to dry lightweight clothes.

The single door is wide enough to get an excellent view of the sky if you want to stargaze while falling asleep. It is large enough to enter and exit the tent without awkwardly contorting yourself to get in and out.

 4. SETUP of Ultralight weight tent: NEMO Hornet 1P

While other tents seem to require an engineering degree to set up, the NEMO Hornet Ultralight Weight Tent makes set-up less time-consuming and surprisingly painless. One person can set this up within approximately 20 minutes depending on wind conditions. For a first timer, it could take up a little longer, but with repetitive sets up, one must be familiar with the instructions enclosed so the speed of set-up will surely improve.

Setup is very quick because it’s freestanding, with only one pole to make things a lot easier.

The poles split into two for one end of the tent which is the freestanding side, and the other end gets on pole support, so the user must stake two lines to support the foot area. If you add the rain fly, you will somehow increase the tent’s volume. It is easy to set-up, feather-light, and offers a lot of room, even for a six-foot adult to occupy the tent. If correctly set up, nights are going to be moisture-free and ultra-comfy.


Camping enthusiasts surely are looking for fresh air and undisturbed sleep. While other tents are affected by strong winds when the door is left open, this ultralight weight tent is much durable even when you let the door open for more ventilation.


Despite being set just before raining, this ultralight weight tent performs very well as its moisture barriers protect you from humidity. As for unwelcoming air conditions, its sturdy structure withstands strong winds. Full-coverage fly for added weather protection. Should the rainfall in, unzip inner door and roll up fly door quickly.


 Many users of this ultra-lightweight ten attested to its durability that withstands the test of time. Campers that have purchased it and have used it for many times has proven that the materials used are not just light but also durable. Most tents last for more than years of continued use and same is true with Nemo Hornet Backpacking Tent.


The best thing to know is that this tent is through and through an ultralight weight tent. It weighs 2 lbs with all the stakes, stuff sacks, and guy lines. It basically weights like nothing, your packed food for the night could even be heavier than this precious thing.


Accented with light colors, this ultralight weight tent shows that a getaway can be both jubilant and serene. Pretty great tent! Ultra-lightweight. Ultra-comfy. For camping enthusiasts, it is brought to you at a surprisingly affordable price, so buy it now and save money! You will love it and won’t wait too long till you get to go camping again. Lightweight tents are the best tents, especially when they are Nemo.


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